Taste & Tradition

Cooking turns into art

We pay a great care even in the cooking: traditional tastes and wisely mixed with the ones more modern and original.

Our chef will let you live a surprising experience, and you will recognize the authenticity and freshness of the high quality ingredients we use , that are choosen with a great attention.

Your wedding will be enhanced by the local cooking, that in Abruzzo can count on a lot of traditions. Both meat-based or fish-based, our menù will be able to satisfy even the most needing palate.

The dishes' presentation will enjoy all of your senses: smell, taste and even sight.

TraCielo&mare, one of the most exclusive wedding villas in Abruzzo, even allow to plan a banquet by taking advantage of all our spaces: the garden or the panoramic terrace for an appetizer; our bright indoor rooms for the banquet.

If you are looking for a wedding location close to Vasto, Lanciano Chieti or Ortona, TraCielo&Mare is the most exclusive venue you can find on our territory.

Magic Scenarios

If you are looking for a wedding location close to Vasto, Lanciano, Chieti or Ortona, TraCieloeMare is as much as more exclusive our territory can offer you.


About us

Unique and wonderful location. Competent, helpful and kind staff.

Nic Pabon

It's a wonderful place ... unique panorama, here you really feel halfway between the sky and the sea. Good luck for this new adventure.

Antonella Di Genni

An enchanting place where the nuances of the sky and the sea transmit unique emotions!

Alessandra Carulli

My husband and I were the first couple of the structure .. we immediately fell in love with the place ...

Arianna Leone

Style and Elegance

A unicum of tastes, smells and colors

... Gave by the sky, the sea and the land, so that one can live a unique emotional experience.

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